Collection > Flood, Mark

Mark Flood

B. 1957, American
Lives and works in Houston, TX


BA 1981 Rice University, Houston, TX


2012 Bushwick Basement, Grimm Schultz, Brooklyn, NY
YES YES YAWN, Home Alone Gallery, New York, NY
ARTSTAR, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY
The Hateful Years, Luxembourg & Dayan, New York, NY
Colaborations & Interventions, CCA Junsthalle Andrax, Mallorca, ES
PEOPLE ARE STRANGE, Peres Projects, Berlin, Germany

2011 Bitterness of the Red Pill, Cardoza Fine Art Gallery, Houston, TX
MURK FLUID, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY
Monument to the Responsible Management of the Earth, Maccarone, New York, NY

2010 Bitch Moves, Peres Projects, Berlin, Germany
Decorations on her Body, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich
Green Cube, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY

2009 Peres Projects, Athens, Greece
Chelsea Whores, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY
Wart Exhibit, Peres Projects, Berlin, Germany

2008 Entertainment Weakly, Peres Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Nondifference Personified, Brasil, Houston, TX

2006 Assorted Rags, Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Lace Paintings, Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX
Lace Paintings, Finesilver Gallery, San Antonio, TX

2005 Surprise Your Loved Ones, Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA
Support Your Local Parasitic Art Bureaucracy, Brasil, Houston, TX

2004 Lace Paintings, American Fine Art, NYC
Lace Paintings, Angstrom, Dallas, TX
Lace Paintings, Mixture, Houston, TX

2002 Lace Paintings, Solway Jones, Los Angeles, TX
Mark Flood, Marfa Book Company, Marfa, TX
Lace Paintings, Mixture Gallery, Houston, TX
Mark Flood, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

2001 Lace Paintings, Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX

2000 An Exhibition of Work by Mark Flood Organized by Rob Weiner, Marfa, TX

1998 Temple Signage, Commerce Street Artists Warehouse, Houston, TX

1997 More Mark Flood, Brasil, Houston, TX

1994 Mark Flood, Lynn Goode Gallery, Houston, TX

1993 Trophy Paintings, Zero One Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1992 Art Management, Lynn Goode Gallery, Houston, TX

1991 Social Bodies, GVG Gallery, Houston, TX

1989 Imperatives, GVG Gallery, Houston, TX
Celebrity Idolatry, Commerce Street, Houston, TX

1988 Billboard Alterations, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX

1987 My Relationship with my Co-Workers, Instituto Stato di Cultura, Houston, TX

1981 And Man Chose, 3221 Milam, Houston, TX


2012 Idealizing the Imaginary: Invention and Illusion in Contemporary Painting, Oakland
University Art Gallery, Rochester, MI
Collaborations & Interventions, CCA Kunsthalle Andratx, Mallorca, Spain
Grisaille, Part II, Luxembourg & Dayan, New York, NY
Blind Cut, curated by Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman, Marlborough, New York, NY
Files, Desks, Chairs, 1100 E 5th Street, Austin, TX
It’s Always Sunny on the Inside, Anton Kern Gallery, New York, NY
In Plain Sight, McClain Gallery, Houston, TX
Eagles, Marlborough Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2011 Linear Thinking, Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX
The Cannibal’s Muse II, Autocenter, Berlin, Germany
Grisaille, Luxembourg & Dayan, New York, NY
A Painting Show, curated by Aaron Moulton, Autocenter, Berlin, Germany

2010 Preconceived Iconography, Museum 52, New York, NY
Open, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY
SHRED, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York, NY

2009 Frontroom=Backroom, Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX
there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you… Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX
Reality Sandwiches, Artnews Projects, Berlin, Germany
Warren Oates in the Economic Crisis of 2008, Okay Mountain, Austin, TX
Minneapolis, Peres Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Geography of the Imagination, curated by Michael Briggs, Lead Apron, Los Angeles, CA
Mark Flood and John Kleckner: Additional Paintings, REMAP2, Athens,

2008 Pretty Ugly, Maccarone, New York, NY
Sack of Bones, Peres Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Sack of Bones, Asia Song Society, New York, NY
Texas Made and Option H, McClain Gallery, Houston, TX

2007 Big, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC
Group Exhibition by Gallery Artists, Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX
New Paintings by Jeff Elrod, Mark Flood and Jeff Zilm, Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX

2006 Scope, Pulse and Flow Miami 2006, Miami, FL
Mark Flood Jeff Elrod and Jack Pierson, Marfa Book Company, Marfa, TX
Inaugural Group Show, Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX

2005 Return of the Boys in the Bubble, Anton Kern Gallery, NYC
Restless, Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, TX

2002 Blip, University of South Florida Contemporary Arts Museum, Tampa, FL
Bitchin’ Pictures, Solway Jones, Los Angeles, CA
Million Dollar Hotel, Houston, TX

2001 Show People, CB313 Gallery, NYC
Kick the Habit, Good/Bad, NYC
Postmodern Americans: a selection, The Menil Collection, Houston, TX
Trying Too Hard, Commerce Street, Houston, TX

2000 Broken Paintings, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NYC
Mark Flood, Dan McCarthy, Jack Pierson, Anton Kern Gallery, NYC

1999 Texas Draws, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX

1998 Elrod/Flood/Tucker, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX

1997 Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
Uncommon Sense, Geffen Contemporary, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

1996 Unmade in the U.S.A., La Pananderia, Mexico City, MX

1995 City Folk, Holly Solomon Gallery, NYC

1994 Made in the U.S.A.: A 2000 Year Survey, Thicket Gallery, NYC

1993 Acquisitions of the 90s, Museum of Fine Art, Houston, TX
Darkness and Light, Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston, TX
Faces, River Oaks Theater, Houston, TX
Over 100 Viewings of the Rodney King Beating, Catal Huyuk, Houston, TX

1992 Paint by Numbers, Bridgewater-Lustberg Gallery, NYC
Avenues of Departure, Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, LA
Primarily Paint, Laguna Gloria Museum, Austin, TX
Crosses, Jamison Thomas Gallery, Portland, OR

1991 Texas Selections from The Menil Collection, Galveston Art Center, Galveston, TX
Animals, Max Fish, NYC
Perfect World, San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, TX
Mutilations, Max Fish, New York, NYC
Pop Art: The Object Transformed, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

1990 The Art of Assemblage, Lynn Goode Gallery, Houston, TX

1989 Primal Screen: A Fake Art Movement, Treebeard’s, Houston, TX

1988 Synergy, Glassell School of Art, Houston, TX
Houston 88, 1600 Smith, Houston, TX

1987 Vandalism, Screen Memories, Houston, TX
One Eye, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX
True Wit - Humor in Texas Art, 1600 Smith, Houston, TX
Found, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX

1986 3 to 5, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX
Propaganda, Mid-Town Art Center, Houston, TX

1985 Group Show, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX

1982 Prisoners of Conscience, Studio One, Houston, TX

1981 Five Unimportant Artists, 3221 Milam, Houston, TX
Group Show, Studio One, Houston, TX


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2008 The Chinati Foundation, Marfa, TX


1991 Engelhard Award


Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX
Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX
Menil Collection, Houston, TX
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX
Birmingham Art Museum, Birmingham, AL

Mark Flood
Acrylic on canvas
96.5 x 76 inches
Mark Flood
Sultry Bends
Acrylic on canvas
72 x 48 x 1.5 inches