Jimenez - Colon Collection
John Riepenhoff
Art Stands
Riepenhoff, John

1982 Born in Milwaukee
Lives and works in Milwaukee
Owner of The Green Gallery


2000-2004 University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts

Selected Exhibitions

2011 Western Exhibitions 'Handler' , Chicago, IL

Western Exhibitions 'Plein Air Paintings' , Chicago, IL

Poor Farm, Manawa, WI

Pipen Moore 'The John Riepenhoff Experience Presents', Los
Angeles, CA

2010 Tanzschule 'Halbjahresgaben', Munich, Germany
Ecole Nationale d'Architecture Paris-Malaquais, ‘Monuments
Contest 2, World Tour’, Paris, France
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘Wisconsin Triennial 2010’, Madison, WI
Inova, ‘Nohl Fellowship Show’, Milwaukee, WI
Jackpot Gallery ‘Group Show a solo show by John Riepenhoff’,
Milwaukee, WI
Pipen Moore 'The John Riepenhoff Experience Presents', Los
Angeles, CA
New Bedford Art Museum 'Portrait', Bedford, MA
Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA
Sullivan Galleries 'The Artist's Studio', Chicago, IL
Small Space 'Physical Pizza Networking Theory', Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Art Museum 'Here and Now', Milwaukee, WI
Riverwest Film and Video 'Rent-A-Painting', Milwaukee, WI
Haus House 'The John Riepenhoff Experience Presents Techno
Snake', Milwaukee, WI
2009 Angstrom Gallery ‘WALLGASM’, Los Angeles, CA
Poor Farm, Manawa, WI
Hidden River, Brookefield, WI
Milwaukee Art Museum ‘Fountain of Youth’, Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Art Museum ‘Jan Lievens on a Jet Plain’ Milwaukee,
2008 Fredric Snitzer ‘Death by Basel’, Miami, FL
Dean Jensen Gallery ‘Big Bangs, Small Small Bucks’, Milwaukee,
Jazz Gallery ‘Art Workers of Milwaukee’, Milwaukee, WI
The Suburban ‘Poster Market International’ Oak Park, IL
Blank Space ‘Poster Market International’ Brooklyn, NY
IN:SITE Public Art, ‘Post Card Vending Machine’, Milwaukee, WI
The Suburban, ‘John Riepenhoff Experience Presents Sara
Clendening Small Sculpture Show’, Oak Park, IL
Tokyo 101 ‘Scott Reeder’s Paintings in the John Riepenhoff
Experience’, Tokyo, Japan
Golden Age web site ‘Computer Work Stations’, Chicago, IL
Karma International ‘The Submerging Artists Show’, Zurich
Ooga Booga ‘John Riepenhff Experience Presents Sara
Clendening: Small Sculpture Show’, Los Angeles, CA

2007 Frieze Art Fair ‘Robb Pruitt Flea Market’ Gavin Brown’s Enterprise,
London, England
Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Gallery 40000 ‘Nepotism’, Chicago, IL
MIAD ‘Out of the Suitcase’, Milwaukee, WI
Neighbors ‘Love’, Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Art Museum ‘Ramirez Box’, Milwaukee, WI
The Suburban 'the John Riepenhoff Experience Presents', Oak
Park, IL
Madison Arts Commission 'Destination', Madison, WI
Ooga Booga ‘Art Swap Meet at High Desert Test Sites’ Group
Show, Joshua Tree, CA
Angstrom Gallery 'Big Secret Cache!', Los Angeles, CA
Milwaukee Art Museum ‘Three Degrees of Francis Bacon’,
Roy G. Biv Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2006 Jody Monroe Gallery, Milwaukee International, Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Art Museum ‘Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee’, Milwaukee
Anonymous Gallery ‘Super Smart Art’ solo show, Milwaukee, WI
Ulrich Museum of Art Small Painting Show, Wichita, KS
Milwaukee Art Museum ‘Neuman 101’, Milwaukee, WI

2005 NADA Art Fair ‘General Store Booth’, Miami, FL

2004 Locust Projects ‘the Four Color Pen Group Show’, Miami, FL
Ooga Booga ‘Art Swap Meet at High Desert Test Sites’ Group
Show, Joshua Tree, CA
Foxy Productions ‘the Infinite Fill Group Show’, New York, NY
‘Lakefront Festival of Arts College Art Exhibition’, Milwaukee, WI
Passerby ‘Drunk vs. Stoned’, New York, NY
The Green Gallery ‘the Great Milwaukee Fine Art Swap’,
Milwaukee, WI
Gallery Paradisio Milwaukee, WI
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Union Gallery ‘Milwaukee
Transport’, Milwaukee, WI

Selected Projects

2011 Dressing the Monument, Lynden Sculpture Garden, MIlwaukee,
Museum of Milwaukee Art (MoMA), 47 Canal Street, New York,

2010 Milwaukee International 30 Minute Video Fair, Tate Modern,
London, England

Milwaukee International 30 Minute Video Fair, Poor Farm,
Manawa, Wisconsin

2009 Milwaukee International DARK FAIR, Cologne, Germany

2008 Milwaukee International at the Polish Falcon, Milwaukee, WI
DARK FAIR at the Swiss Institute, New York, NY
Video Arcade, Milwaukee, WI
PRESENTS curated group exhibition @ Rowley Kennerk Gallery

2007 Milwaukee International at the Polish Falcon, Milwaukee, WI

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Selected Awards

2009 Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Mary L. Nohl Fellowship for
Individual Artists Award

2007 Mary L. Nohl Suitcase Award