Jimenez - Colon Collection
Gustavo Ortiz
Self Portrait VII
Ortiz, Gustavo
“One of Argentina’s rising stars” (Aesthetica) Gustavo Ortiz was born in Patagonia, Argentina and now lives and works in Whitechapel, East London. His work is held in collections at Pure Evil Gallery, London and at Carres d’Artistes, Paris and he has exhibited extensively in the UK, Argentina and France. He has also designed sets for theatre and artwork for album covers.
Largely working in collage, Gustavo Ortiz combines the aesthetic and practices of his native indigenous country with surprising surrealist elements, alluding to the influence of European art. The resulting combination—between naievity and knowledge, simplicity and innovation—is gorgeously crafted works, full of colourful juxtapositions.

Gustavo Ortiz’s works, comprised entirely of small pieces of cut paper, some painted in watercolour or ink by the artist, and then mounted on wood, each piece, which takes between several days and several weeks to complete, is then varnished with dark wax. Rather than labouring under grandiose ideas, Gustavo Ortiz way of working is tied to a “traditional concept of making something with my hands, and in a way satisfy an impulse of labour.”