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Molly Zuckerman-Hartung
Zuckerman-Hartung, Molly
Born, 1975 Los Gatos, California
Lives and works in Chicago, Illinois


The School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL
-May 2007 MFA, Painting and Drawing
-May 2005 Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Painting and Drawing

The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
-June 1998 Bachelor of Arts, French (language, literature and philosophy)

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

2012 Chicago Works: Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Museum of
Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, May-July
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung , Galerie Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt, Germany, March
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung , Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago, IL, February

2011 Molly Zuckerman-Hartung , Spazio Cabinet (with David Keating), Milan, Italy, October
Speak to my ass, the octopus is sick, Anna Kustera Gallery, New York,
NY, September
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Important Projects, Oakland, CA2010 Scrying, Julius Caesar, Chicago
To fill a Gap, Insert the Thing that caused it (with Dana Degiulio),
Riverside Arts Center, Chicago, IL
Laziest Girl in Town, Rowley Kennerk Gallery, Chicago IL
2009 Red Peter (with Dana DeGiulio), Dominican University O’Connor Gallery, Chicago, IL
Fuck Nice, Marcus Brutus, Chicago
2008 An Erotics, The Tunnel Room at John Connelly Presents, New York, NY
Screwing or Sticking, Julius Caesar, Chicago IL
She-male Guitar Solo, Rowley Kennerk Gallery, Chicago IL
2003 Arrowspace, Olympia, WA
2002 Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA

Group Exhibitions

2012 (May) Big Youth II, Bourouina Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2011 Perfectly Damaged, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY
Unfold, Apart and Together, Golden Gallery, Chicago, IL
A Painting Show, Harris Lieberman, New York, NY
Irritable Abstraction, Curated by Susanne Doremus, Julius Caesar,
Chicago, IL
Group Show, Tony Wight, Chicago IL
Disaster Kitchen, Dock 6 Collective, Chicago IL
A Coupling, Hungryman Gallery, Chicago, IL
Material Witness, Curated by Clayton Press and Gregory Linn, Anna
Kustera Gallery, New York, NY

2010 Informal Relations, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art,
Indianapolis, IN
Violence, Exhibition Agency, Chicago IL
No Barrier Fun, In cöoperation with Clayton Press and Gregory Linn, Lisa Cooley Fine Art, New York, NY
ON PTG, Rowley Kennerk Gallery, Chicago, IL
Tete-a-Clack, Galerie Im Regierungsviertel/ Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin,

2009 Thrashold, Highland Park Art Center, Highland Park, IL
Rettet Die Alten Kirschen Am Knappenberg, Jacky Strenz Gallery,
Frankfurt aM, Germany
Point Vierge, Rowley Kennerk Gallery, Chicago, IL
Still Wet. Julius Caesar, Chicago
Audio Tour, as Julius Caesar, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
Group Show, Curated by Justin Berry, Waymaker Gallery
Portraits, Rowley Kennerk Gallery, Chicago, IL
Group Show (as Benevedutta Magnarola), Julius Caesar, Chicago, IL
2007 Targeting Johns – The Influence of Jasper Johns. G2, Chicago, IL
Ha__ and __lf , Curated by Gilbert Rocha, Sound Art Space, Laredo, TX
No Legs, Curated by Zak Prekop, Alogon Gallery, Chicago, IL
2006 Vomitorium, Curated by Philip Von Zweck, Gallery 400, Chicago, IL
Balls Out! Curated by Katie Jost, Ezara Hoffman and Christian Rieben,
E Erie St, Milwaukee, WI


2009 Notes on Susan Sontag. Published by Waymade Press.
Visiting Artist Lectures and Panels
2010 Visiting Artist, Washington University, St. Louis, MO November
Visiting Artist, University of Illinois at Chicago, November
Panel Member, ON PTG, with Carrie Moyer, Ann Craven, Susanna Coffey,
Anoka Faruqee, Peter Halley, Thomas Lawson, Judy Ledgerwood,
Rebecca Morris, Sabina Ott, Jon Pestoni, Scott Reeder, Molly
Zuckerman- Hartung and organized by Michelle Grabner, College Art
Association, February
2009 Visiting Artist, School of the Art Institute, Multi-Level Painting, Chicago, IL in November
Visiting Artist, Ox-Bow Summer School of the Arts, IL, August
2008 Visiting Artist, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, May
Visiting Artist, Harold Washington College, Chicago, IL, February


2008- Co-Founder of Julius Caesar, an artist-run exhibition space in Chicago.(with Dana DeGiulio, Diego Leclery, Colby Shaft and Hans Peter Sundquist)

Contributor to bdbbdb online arts journal, Issues 1 and 3. Edited by
Diego Leclery
2002-2004 Owner/Operator – No Exit, a gallery and performance venue in Olympia, WA
2003 Roadie - The Sex Worker’s Art Show Tour, a 1-month tour with 28 shows.
1999-2000 Co-Founder – Ladyfest 2000, Olympia, WA


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Public and Private Collections

Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Princeton, NJ
Booth, Graduate School of Business at University of Chicago, IL