Jimenez - Colon Collection
Li Shurui
Lights no. 9
Acrylic on Canvas
70.13 x 102.37 inches
"Lights no. 9" (2007) is a visually arresting, large-scale abstract painting that stands as a major example of the work by internationally acclaimed, female Chinese Contemporary emerging artist Li Shurui. Leading the way for her fellow 1980's generation of artist's in Asia, Li is renowned for her monumental, colorful paintings from her "Lights" Series, that she began in 2005. These works intentionally read like massive, pixilated computer screens or random LED light patterns glowing at night, filled with a sense of drama. The artists fascination with lights and light source, as well as formal concerns with pattern, and spatial and conceptual relationships, are beautifully embraced in this painting. In "Lights no. 9" Li reproduces the sensation that the eye receives when looking directly at bright lights, giving her audience a new sensory experience that creates optical illusions and changing perceptions.
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