Jimenez - Colon Collection
Ignacio Gonzalez-Lang
Las Acacias
Edition 3 of 5 + 2 AP
C-print and archival CD
30 x 40 inches each (Triptych)
This work (in 40 x 60 inch format) is documented in the book "100 Contemporary Artists" (page 145)

Las Acacias (2000)

Las Acacias was a landmark high-rise public housing project which was home to Vico C and Lisa M, who were the earliest pioneers of rap in Puerto Rico. This model of public housing originated in the 1950s and resulted in the critics calling it the “welfare island” with programs promoting indolence instead of progress.

This triptych of photos documents the fast cycles of construction and destruction in this particular subsidized apartment building for low-income individuals. A camera was used to capture the time-based perception of sound in the implosion, lasting 2.6 seconds, the sound of this event is indexed through a contradictory medium: photography
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